Special Upgrades== The "Special Upgrades" are special, powerful upgrades for units or for buildings. There are two special upgrade types, because a group of them are inside the own AoE ROR, but some are special, magical powers.

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Normal UpgradesEdit

These upgrades arre recognized for having a yellowish color around their icons. They are part of the original RoR game.-

for Phalanx = CENTURION

for Long Swordsman = LEGION

for Horse Archer = HEAVY HORSE ARCHER

for Heavy Cavalry = CATAPHRACT

for Chariot = SCYTHE CHARIOT

for Catapult = HEAVY CATAPULT

for Ballista = HELEPOLIS

for War Elephant = ARMORED ELEPHANT

for Catapult Trireme = JUGGERNAUT

Special UpgradesEdit

These are unique for the mod, sounds more Minecraftious and more magical. If you dislike them just ignore them, but the other teams won´t!

for Cataphract = PHANTOM HORSE

Is extremely fast, and has never been seen, people say it´s just a legend. Is it?

If Politics is investigated, Archeries will now have Crossbow men. 

Often confused by thiefs, these units work for the government for hire.

for Sentry Tower = FIRE TOWER

Hides within the power of fire, from the depths of the Nether. Incredibly long lasting, almost everlasting, because of being almost inmune to fires.

for Phalanxes = GUARDIANS

These slow, robust men work for the empire, making harder, violent politic being alive.

for Triremes = FIREBOATS

The firetruck is com- Wait truck? Too mainstream!

for Armored Bears = FOREST DEMON

It´s heavy armor may slow down him, but its nothing comparing to the claws which seek for blood.

for Long Swordsmen = DOUBLE SWORDSMAN

(Only available for Shang and Yamato) This incredibly fast swordsman will cut in pieces your enemy, which won´t be able to react because of its velocity.