Hoplites, Phalanxes, Legions and GuardiansEdit

The Hoplite is an elite infantry unit on AoCMC ROR.Its attack deals 5 hearts of damage, resulting on a useful but slow unit.

You can get one on the Academy, and can be upgraded to a Phalanx, later a Centurion.

If by the Government Center you have learned "Politics" (new technology unique on mod) then you can choose to make the Phalanxes be upgraded to a Guardian, which is slower, but has more defense and extremely high attack.


First academy unit. In original AoE, it deals 17 ->--. But since the health in Minecraft is pretty different, it has been changed to 5 hearts of damage.

It´s a better option instead of Head Quarters units, but it´s not that cheap. It has an armor with defense equals to Gold armor, so it can die pretty much fast.


Slow but really effective unit, it deals 6,5 hearts of damage, and has defense equals to Iron armor. It can be upgraded to a Centurion with 4 stacks of food and 4 stacks of gold, but requires Aristocracy, or the extra Special Upgrade to a Guardian, with same amount of food and gold.

Centurions and guardiansEdit

The centurion is a repowered upgraed to the Phalanx, adding more attack

These are Special Upgrades to the Phalanx, both having their pros and cons. Which? Here they are:

// Phalanx, Centurion and Guardian chart 
               CENT        GUARD      PHALANX

Attack         Medium       High        MEDIUM
Defense        Medium       High        MEDIUM

Speed          High         Low         LOW

Accuracy       High         Medium      HIGH

Health         Medium       High        MEDIUM

Total          12/15        12/15       10/15

For an invasion, Centurions are best option, but for defense, Guards-their names actually explain- will be effective. Phalanxes are better for invasions; not for defense.