Welcome to the Age Of Crafters Wiki!Edit

Welcome to the Age Of Crafters Wiki, the unique AGE OF EMPIRES® by Microsoft® mod for Minecraft! The mod will be alpha-released after DRAGONS Mod is released!

Recruiting coders!Edit

We are starting slowly since we need more coders. Why? I, S, personally suck at coding, but i´m learning! I´m also texturing but let´s not say it´s a perfect universe of awesome images! Our team has 2 people:

MinecraftCB: Ideas, bug tester lead

SSilvamc: modding lead, coding, texturing, ideas.

WE ALSO NEED AN EDITOR FOR THE WIKI! Whoever wants to is really apreciated.

Latest activitiesEdit

We´ve been working on the mod; right now, we are doing the trees; ashes, pines, new oak types (White Oak) and palms, and we are coding the villager and its intelligence and GUI (THANKS AtomicStryker, thanks a lot! (Minion Mod Source code))

MinecraftCB Report | I want to start work on a Core program that will be able to load Mine2Tech and DRAGONS [HTTYD1 and HTTYD2] Mods at the same time without lots of lag!